Who says it is the new trend?

It is Saturday morning, I am at Grey Dog coffee shop which is very close to NYU building. I knew this coffee shop before and now with my new masters degree journey I come to this location three times a week.  I come here early in the mornings , sometimes during the lunch time or in the afternoon. Living in Jersey it takes some time to get me here, I get the bus, then subway to Union Square and enjoy the short walk around NYU campus. Today, I need to decide on my blog subject and start to write my first blog!! Having my double espresso so I can focus to this new blog world, let me step in…

On my way to school or on weekends, I see so many different kind of people; students, mommies, young professionals, mid age professionals and older people. The most common thing they have, yes they like coffee but I noticed most people follow new trendy sportswear fashion.

So what is really new sportswear trend? Who says it is the new trend? Which trendy outfits or accessories were already in our lives before? So blogworld here I come, let’s see and discover the trend reality!!!!


4 thoughts on “Who says it is the new trend?

  1. Hi- I like new sportswear fashion because it reminds me my youth years 🙂 Also, I have to wear heels, dresses, skirts etc in week days because of my job so I want to get as comfortable as I can get at the weekends! Thumbs up for sportswear! 🙂


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