Do you need to know how to play Polo to wear riding boots?

It can be a rainy day in the city, you can be just shopping around at the mall, you may be out for drinks or you just want to wear your skinny jeans that day and you just go and grab that boots, low heel riding boots! We like our riding boots because they are comfortable and very easy to match, you can overdress or underdress very easily but let’s think about the main reason? We like it because it is THE TREND!!!  But how did they become so popular? A designer just designed it out of blue or they were already part of our life/history before?

Riding Boots w Dress

“The origins of the modern riding boot are, like the boot itself, at once humble and noteworthy, with centuries of tradition tied up in its design and craftsmanship. Following Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington’s notoriety led to his low-heel boot becoming a popular staple for cavalry and civilians alike.

polo boots

Riding boots appeared in the 1500’s for men who used their horses as daily transportation to get to where they were going. Better developed shoes were made in the 1800’s during the American Gold Rush.  And riding boots ended up as ‘POLO SPORT’ outfit.


And today’s world we can see that riding boot has definitely evolved in the world of fashion!!!!

chanel bootcl riding bootsTory burch riding boot on sale


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