How fast can you run with your wedge sneakers?

You don’t always want to wear those heels right?  Especially when you have all different color and style options for sneakers! You can even look like you have heels on; with new trendy wedge sneakers!! Being comfy and stylish is that easy, you just need a pair of shoes!? We are lucky aren’t we! So how did they become part of our life? Once upon a time they were called as “Running Shoes”!

The modern sole had a humble start

Vulcanisation is still used today

Early example of the running shoe created from a newly developed process called vulcanisation – still in use today – which uses heat to meld rubber and cloth together.

Not only were they lightweight and comfortable, unlike other shoes they enabled the wearer to move around without being heard.

Because of this, they became known as ‘sneakers’, and in 1917 the Keds shoe company was set up to sell them to America.

An early Adidas shoe

Adi Dassler’s early spike

Throughout the post war period the demand for leisure footwear grew. The fitness craze of the 1930s meant sneakers became associated with sports and leisure activities.

adidas first shoe

Nike took advantage of big name sports stars after 1970’s.  By choosing sport super stars Nike appealed to the younger generations and athletic shoes were becoming more of a fashion statement than an athletic item.


And today sneakers are no need to be worn just to the gym, they are part of an elegant wardrobe!!

rihanna-sneakers-1293x1940      66th+Annual+Golden+Globe+Awards+F8d7PcHsYTOl

The all around interest and acceptance of sneakers is even cultural shift in fashion!

nike sneakergisele-bundchen-isabel-marant-wedge-sneakers-5

chanel sneakerscelebs-running-shoes-05142013-lead-600x450


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