How deep can you dive in the ocean with your scuba dress?

Isn’t it great to wear the cool wetsuit and you don’t need to dive in to 60 ft ? I think scuba diving is one of the most fun sports but it is not easy and you can’t do it very often unless you live by the ocean:) The wetsuit is very cool, even you are a beginner it makes you look like a professional scuba diver!  Of course it is designed to be protective (not to make you look cool) because while scuba diving you’re not only exposed to water’s cooling ability but also to things that can scrape, cut or sting. So it is a very functional outfit and maybe it can be an inspiration for a new trend??

scuba_model_diver_18Michael-Kors-wetsuit-dress scuba8scuba10

And here comes the scuba dresses!  The fabric looks soft, lightweight and sporty. The designers use it especially for dresses but also in everything from skirts to pants and t-shirts. You can wear it with your favorite sandals for a casual look or you can use it with your heels for a fancy look!


When we dive in the history of the wetsuit;

In 1405, Konrad Kyeser,  describes a diving dress made of a leather jacket and metal helmet with two glass windows. I guess, even without the helmet! it could be very hard to design today’s stylish scuba dresses by that time!

standard diving dress

Modern diving suit was made by Hugh Bradner, who worked for the United States Navy during the 1950s. His new material, Neoprene, was the first true wetsuit, which became saturated with water heated by the wearer’s skin. This material kept divers warm, and it looked better then previous ones- I think:)

first scuba diver suithistory scuba

Wetsuits get their name because you still get wet while wearing one. Your body quickly heats the thin layer of water that gets in and you’re insulated from the cooler surrounding water by the wetsuit material. You choose your wetsuit style and thickness based on the water temperature where you’ll dive.

If we go back to our stylish trend scuba dresses, they have the same fabric as modern wetsuits and that scuba material is great because it’s lightweight, holds its shape and can be dyed just about every color you can imagine! And as a bonus, if you have a little spill, water, wine and cocktails will slip right off — it’s designed for diving, after all.

So it is your call, are you ready to dive into this new trend?:)

 nasty-gal-pink-neoprene-colorblock-dress-product-1-3507362-025986234_large_flex scuba3 nly-trend-scuba-wrap-dress


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